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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there instructions in the kits?
    Yes, as well as a Colour Chart, which shows the DMC threads and stitches I have used, a Stitch Guide is also included. The Stitch Guide shows how to do 14 of the most used embroidery stitches and how to sew the backing on to your embroidery kit once it is finished.
  • How hard are the embroidery kits?
    They only use a few stitches each so are perfect for a beginner or someone learning. However, as the complete design is printed on the fabric, you can pick and choose what areas you want to embroider and which stitches you would like to use.
  • Can I personalise the kit?
    Included in each kit is a colour chart which shows which colour DMC threads, where and what stitches I have used. You are free to personalise your kit, using other stitches or embroider more than what is shown embroidered in the kit, in fact I would love to see how you get on!
  • Is the jewellery listed plate or sterling silver?
    It is stated in each listing if the jewellery is gold plate, silver plate or sterling silver.
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