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Cup of tea and flowers

I dreamed of a life ...

... and I still can't always believe it, but I have it!

To some it would seem very quiet, but to us it is enough and finding moments to create and craft makes it perfect!


"Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."

Bruce Garrabrandt


Welcome to my online shop. I have spent my life making and creating and despite having not as much time as I used to, now having 2 little boys, I know how important it is for mental health to find time to be creative!

As well as making things, I love reading, going for walks, drinking tea, taking photos, smelling roses and dreaming!


I'm married to Steve, who built us a lovely cosy wooden cabin in the Welsh hills to live in and is constantly thinking of great ways to make it even better. I still can't get over the breath-taking views we have.

Our dream is to live a more self-sufficient and sustainable life and now our little wooden home is mostly done, we have so many plans for the garden and growing what we can. Like our home, which was built using re-claimed and re-purposed wood, our home is full of second-hand treasures that we have found and hunted for! We are trying to shop more locally and support small businesses where we can.

I hope you find something you love here!

Photo of Maria
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