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What you will find here

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

My heart for Maria in the Wood, my little home here on the internet, is to share something that will help you create moments for yourself.

Craft supplies and kits so your time not only fills your heart with peace but with joy with what you have created.

half made embroidery project

Ways to help you relax, however that may be ... reading a book with a beautiful bookmark, having a bath with gorgeous bath salts, diffusers to fill your home with a lovely aroma, essential oil rollers to wear as a perfume or help calm your mind and greetings cards and notelets to write to your friends.

Beautiful essential oil roller bottles with fresh lavender from my garden.

As well as all these lovely goodies, I will be selling what I have made in the five minutes I for myself. Jewellery and treasures for your home. These will not all be listed at once and many will be bespoke or a limited run.

sweet meadow field necklaces all packed up

I really really hope you find something you love!

Maria x


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